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Screenshot_2020-06-30 R m Sorensen ( r m sorensen) • Instagram photos and videos(4)_edited
Screenshot_2020-06-30 R m Sorensen ( r m sorensen) • Instagram photos and videos(11)_edite
Hello!  I'm Rebecca, the lead artist for Whimsical Window Painting.
  • 15+ years experience

  • BFA in drawing and painting from UVU

  • Strong illustration background

Window painting is a creative and lasting way to connect consumers to your business.  in the era of social media, online content dominates marketing strategy.  Not only is the expense growing, but online content is an investment dictated by unpredictable algorithms.  The only risk for a window display: you might need to hire some new staff for all those new customers!

At best, your target audience has about 10 seconds to internalize a window display.  Why not capitalize on that with a bright, eye-catching, splashy window painting?!  Even better, switch out your window painting every 3-6 months to avoid advertising saturation (where the window display becomes a background when the brain gets bored of looking at it for too long).  Window painting is way more affordable than vinyl and much easier to customize.  Not to mention durable...with the proper preparation and paint, your window advertisement is not only brighter, but it's both durable and malleable, allowing for changes and modifications.  Whether you want something long-lasting or short-term and seasonal, a window painting is still an excellent consideration.

So make a splash to drive those potential customers through your door with window painting.  Call to schedule your appointment today!  801-995-3663

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